Who I am is in the words you read…if you so choose.

Modern Mestizo American Poet,traditional Silver Gelatin photographic print artist, Environmental Scientist and Geo spatial Remote Sensing Analyst, who happens to also be a Snowboarder, Free diving and spearfishing enthusiast and world citizen. judge that as you will… you might find me, Liberally conservative or conservatively Liberal depending on the topic. I consider myself, a lightly left leaning centrist who utilizes reason and critical thought to guide my sympathies for all things politic.

Someday I might be the voice that sings without so much as a noise, using prose as its outward poise.

I might also be a drop of rain that falls upon a plane where nothing is remembered, and yet I squeeze my soul to drip these thoughts from places in those interstitial spaces that refuse to allow this humble observer to go through the scenery without appreciating the grand experience of being and thinking and seeing those nuances the make it all meaningful to me.

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