Note to Self on Fine Art Printing and Photography

I take notes from many of the books I read, and then paraphrase them, and re paraphrase them as I review them. As a private poet I am trying to get to the distillation of their intended message. The term Stride, or Seeing, or Being, are interchangeable to a way of feeling and sensing the external with the experiential knowledge of the internal and All Art strives to using that interaction via a chosen medium to express the internal in the external world.

Some of the Books that have inspired these random ideas in me about Art and that helps guide me in the experience of becoming an Artistic individual striving toward that difficult and tumultuous endeavour, in any medium; are as Follows: Theodore Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory, Gene Nocon’s Book “Photographic Printing”, Eugene Herrigel’s “Zen in the art of Archery”,  Dr Tim Rhudman “The Master photographers Lith Printing Course” and “The Photographers Toning Book, The Definitive Guide”, as well as Eddie Ephraums “Creative Elements” and More to come. with that I leave you with a bit if inspirational prose by Pablo neruda from the last stanza of “through a closed mouth the flys enter”

“What we know is so little
and what we presume is so much
and we learn so slowly
that we ask and then we die.
Better to keep our pride
for the city of the dead
on the day of the departed
and there when the wind goes through
the hollows of your skull
it will decipher these enigmas for you,
whispering the truth in the space
where your ears used to be.

For me any visual form that transcends its creator is; along with its creator,  striving to be a silent partner dancing with the rushing time that passed when the image was taken, striving to be one with the wind passing through those hollow passage ways of knowledge and learning to hopefully be heard and felt by someone far into the future from a generation in which it continually seems that there was never hope of direct communication or deep understanding.


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