I had an issue a while back and lost my creative momentum…Dropped my new Nikon J1 camera cleaning it, and felt helpless for more than a month. Its been an emotional struggle to get back to thinking about creating content. this is the reconciliation story.

I bought the Nikon J1 second hand, used, but in gentle condition to take on vacation and to scan my film and was excited to be able to share my content with friends and family…but alas it broke (or stopped working after its second fall), perception is everything isn’t it? It wasn’t even considered outstanding when it came out save for one thing…fast auto focus…everything else was uninspiring in its mirror-less segment…but what it provides me is something other than its limited range. I am used to limited cameras and systems…working around those limitations is, what I understand as, the meat of good photography and good image making.

But rather than pay more than I purchased it for, to repair it at a local repair center…I decided to google and research (my personality is to plan a way to execution and execute the specific action to solve the problem, even if it takes me months or years)….I know its obsessive.

finally I found a video that another user created for replacing the main power board on a Nikon J1 that gave me courage. The symptoms he described were nearly exacting to what my camera was going through…and figured I would spend $31.00 for a used E-Bay part and give it a try before I sent it in to repair, if anything I would only be out a total of $131.00 for a camera that used to cost 700.00 when it was released…I refuse to buy the latest camera gear when the camera matters less than the user and the light that you discover through its use.

I took the camera apart carefully making note of where the screws came from by taping them to a photocopy of the camera with lines drawn out like a rough diagram (it worked to remember the opposite sequence and place them back in the same holes), and then I replaced the board…

It is now 100% functional…I suspect that the Ribbon connection came loose during an impact, but am glad I replaced the board anyway.

Now I am on my way to using my camera again with much less trepidation than what usually comes from carrying an expensive camera all the time.

What it means is I can now scan my film negatives and take images to share of my prints, or just make digital images outright…and the 2 months of considering why I am even taking photos or using expensive gear, has helped me search for why I fell compelled to do this as an after work activity when it seems like I am constantly conflicted for time to be with my family, with my son, and with my life outside work.

I really need self reflective quiet time to live and thrive in my own body, must be an Aquarius thing…I know it sounds selfish, but If I cant find that in any increment, I become pensive, moody, and brooding, and it leads to outbreaks in an effort to escape to myself by all means necessary…and my distant history has shown that this can be self destructive. So yeah…I am back functioning through my own view and can share that vision…even if it is only to myself…which is part of +the reason I started using cameras…the other was to use it as a memory building and mind enhancing device and to help learn new methods and techniques to help with symptoms I suffer from past concussions…its been a long road but I plan to remember the process one frame at a time.