Hypocrisy writ large and loud

How fine a thing to stand a leader of men and claim to profess and defend familial values, as if an Orwellian knight, does flex their  heady words and thoughts from more than heady heights.

then just as they profess too much, and just as they protest too much, quickly and quietly enter contact with with the devil, conversations must be guessed at for the resultant change of tone as if over night some low hanging fruit was groped while someone plucked their bone.

emerging from the sepulture of your previous ambisions, looking ever the man disheviled

Tell me mr Paul Ryan in your time of cutting your values and your party line and your grand ambitions of family to the quick, who now follows rather than leads with said repentant values,

how fared thee on thy knees old boy, as you succor’d oompa loompa dick?


All words and imagery copyright, All Rights Reserved, SMC (AKA Silent Soliloquy)

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